Thursday, April 24, 2014

Turn Those Poses Into Memories

You do it.  You know you do.  You take tons of photos on your digital camera or cell phone camera, but then never do anything with them. You might text one to a friend or post it on social media.  However, most of those pictures never see the light of day.  Why not turn those photo into memories by printing and framing them?

It is so easy these days to print photos.  You can just buy photo paper and do it at home.  Don't have a printer, all the pharmacies have machines that will do it.  To lazy to go to the store, just download a phone app that will print and mail the photos for you.  Just search for Photo Prints in your App store for Free apps.

There is nothing like having great memories of special moments or every day fun around in your home and work place. Pick a great frame that is fun and reflects the moment, your home décor or your personality.  They also make great gifts!


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