About Urban Cottage

Curating the Story of Your Life

Urban Cottage has been an idea that was brewing for over a decade. For years, I have been sewing and reupholstering furniture to give the places I lived a great personality. Yes, there have been a lot of places - over a dozen that I have inhabited over the past few decades.

There is nothing like finding a great piece of furniture, the right accent or a table runner that just makes your dining room table seem more elegant. I always worked to make wherever I lived a slice of heaven, and a haven from the work-a-day world.

When I moved back to Pittsburgh, I longed for the unique and fun home decor places that I had seen in my travels over the years. The corner boutique in Dublin, Ireland, the fabulous show rooms of Atlanta, funky shops in New York or the great finds tucked away in small Chicago neighborhoods.
Urban Cottage is the culmination of those experiences.

Urban Cottage is devoted to finding unique and affordable home accessories to make your house a home. It might be from a big design vendor. It might be something founds at a yard sale and given a little love and new fabric.

This year, I closed my retail location in pursuit of a different kind of business to sell home d├ęcor. We do pop up shops and local events, but we also share our design ideas on this blog on a regular basis.

Happy Homemaking!

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