Thursday, April 24, 2014

Design Blogs That Inspire

There are so many trends, and they change so quickly. That means I read of a lot of magazines, blogs and websites to keep on top of changes in trends and discover unique ideas. I not only get my information from traditional sources like Pantone, HGTV or House Beautiful, but a whole series of other blogs that inspire me. This week, I thought I would share a list of the tops one that I read for enjoyment and to find inspiration.
  • Style At Home - this website is chock full of great decorating and organizing tips. I also like that they translate high end ideas into affordable comparisons.
  • The Inspired Room - as the blog says, she provides "simple, and doable ideas for loving your home"
  • Victoria Elizabeth Barnes - I have to thank a customer for turning me onto this blog. Her unabashed love of vintage furniture, sprinkled with humor, makes this blog a bit addictive
  • Lonny Magazine - I used to buy this when it was on the newsstands. The items in it are high-end, but so much design knowledge and inspiration
  • Meegan Makes - there are a lot of DIY blogs, but Meegan does some nice roundups of products and other blogs. It has lead me to plenty of other resources
Of course, another great place for inspiration is Pinterest. Our Urban Cottage Pinterest Boards are filled with home d├ęcor, inspiration and other great products to compliment our home.
Linda @ Urban Cottage

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