Wednesday, April 23, 2014

These are Times to Remember

It goes by so quickly - doesn't it? Birthdays, graduation or vacations seem to be here and gone in a moment. There is no better way to remember those special occasions than with a lovely framed photo.

Yes, we live in a digital age. However, it is still a wonderful feeling to come home after a long day and have the images of life's blessings, favorite places, incredible moments or even postcards surrounding us. It is why we work so hard isn't it?

Frames are always a nice added touch to a room when you need some accessories. One of the great things about picture frames is that they come in so many sizes and you can really personalize them. Whether on a table or a wall, you have so many options. There is also a great guide for creating picture wall galleries that we use.

Not only are frames a great little gift for yourself, but framed photos are a tried and true present for so many different people.


Linda @ Urban Cottage

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