Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Organizing . . . easy as 1, 2, 3

If you have the kind of entry way that gets cluttered, there are a few simple things you can. An entry table is great. Make sure to put a container to drop your keys. Another easy idea is a hook board. It is a great place to stash umbrellas and coats - especially this time of year when the days change from hot to cool over night. I created this fun hook board to do the job.
It was pretty easy and only took a bit of time to do it. First, I had a small list of material including:
  • a wooden board
  • spray paint
  • 3 door knobs
  • 6 screws
  • stencils
  • stencil paint
  • drill (optional)
  • frame mounting brackets
  • frame wire
  • industrial glue
You can use any board, but I got this one precut for $3.
Next I used Heirloom White Spray paint. I distressed it a little bit, but not too much.
After I painted it, I measured to the center for the middle knob. I didn't make the outside knobs the perfect middle distance, but selected something I thought looked good and measure the same distance from the center and bottom.
After marketing the location of the knobs, I used the horizontal center line to draw a line 1.5" from the top for my number. With number stencils, I used a foam brush and created the number stencils for the piece. In theory, you can put anything here - names, images - I just liked the idea of numbers.
For this project, I had a couple of set of door knobs sitting around. I took them apart and kept the knob and the mounting bracket.
Next, I took the mounting bracket and used it as a template to pre-drill some holes for the screws. You can go without creating pilot holes, but the project goes much faster and will be prevent the wood from possibly splitting.
After I screwed in all of the mounting brackets, I secured in the knobs with industrial glue to hold them into place. I made sure to put the screw holes toward the bottom so it would look nicer. This is the hard part because I let the glue set over night (it needs a couple hours to really set).
Next, I got framing brackets and screwed them into the back of the piece. Afterward, I just threaded the bracket eyes with frame wire and voila. A great new organizational addition to the foyer.

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