Thursday, April 24, 2014

Simple Fall Entertaining

I love Autumn.  I am ready to put on a cozy sweater, unfold the blanket on the couch and curl up. Even better is when you can convince some friends to hang out with you.  Having a great movie night with some easy edibles is the perfect way to spend some time as the weather turns colder.
One of my favorites it to have some great grilled cheese, lovely soup and some perfect red wine. There are some great recipes for Grilled Cheese on Country Living so you can go classic or add a little bit of spice to the sandwich.
Of course, brunch is always a great option for a Sunday as well. Individual quiches and fruit salad. Yum!  I love it to be casual, so I am all about dining in front of the TV for movie night. It just means you can unearth you favorite tray to bring out the goodies.  

Although you are trying to keep it relaxed, why not bring out your favorite glassware so you do feel special. It always gives any occasion a little bit of sparkle.


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