Thursday, April 24, 2014

Entertaining Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a dinner holiday. It is all about sitting down and gathering around the table. If you are more of a casual diner the rest of the year, Thanksgiving is a great chance to really go all out.

Setting a luxurious table for guests can be easier than you think. There are some basics to remember - start with the dinner plate, top it with a salad plate and folded napkin. TO add a little drama, you can put the napkin between the dinner and salad plate. For a basic silverware setup, the fork goes on the left, then the knife and spoon go to the right of the plate.

For glassware, the wine and water glasses go on the right above the plate. If you are going to set a bread plate, it will go above the dinner plate to the left. You can wait to bring out dessert silverware or place the dessert fork and spoon directly above the plate.

Another thing to consider with your table is skip the placemats and add a runner to the table. You can combine a table cloth made from a luxe fabric with a natural fiber runner to create some contrast and some visual interest.

Oh, and you might want to put some food on the table. I turn to the great information the Food Network has for Thanksgiving and the yummy cocktail recipes from Food & Wine.

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