Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creating Warmth with Rustic Décor & Accents

In an era where 'craftsmanship' is taking on more importance, we are seeing time-loved and custom built pieces become more important in our home décor mix. The trend is about giving a nod to our ancestors who lived in basic rustic wood structures with hand made furnishings, rough cut woods and 'livable' surroundings. There is something about the simplicity of rustic décor that lends warmth and goodness to any room.

As a store in the Rustbelt, we often have cold and dark winters. Creating a home that is a warm, comfortable retreat can help us make it through a long stretch of Northern Winter weather. It also allows us to have a place to get away from the grind of daily life and imagine we are having a 'weekend' getaway at a luxe cabin.

Here are some easy ways to experiment with rustic décor:
- Add a hanging votive with natural wood in your home - above a dining room or in the bathroom
- Warm up your kitchen with a new counter from Reclaimed Wood
- Integrate natural elements like branches or twigs in centerpieces
- Natural materials such are easy to add with burlap or canvas pillows
- Using animal on hooks or other décor gives that rustic lodge feel as well


Linda @ Urban Cottage

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Reclaimed Wood and how it is a growing trending. One of the drivers of that trend is the resurgence of Rustic décor as a home design trend. Although Shabby Chic has been a strong style for the past decade, it seems like home owners and apartment dwellers have finally figured out that timeless, classic rustic pieces can create a cozier home. It is a style that can be easily combined with other styles because it straddles industrial, shabby chic and vintage styles.

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