Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aviary Design Takes Flight

Bird motifs have been popular in design for years. There is a category of home design called Aviary devoted to all things with a Bird on it. If you have been in the store, or even looked at the logo, you know I like birds. Some of my favorite products in the store have our feathered friends on them.

Why? Bird Motifs add a beautiful, nature-inspired element to a home's interior. They lend themselves to a variety of design styles, and are easy to incorporate into an existing decorating scheme. Birds are found on everything from clocks, to light and lovely fabrics and linens, artistic print trays and fun decorative bird accessories.

Last holiday season, we used Peacocks in our holiday decorating scheme - Urban Holiday. The array of colors in the aviary world means that you can find something in nature that can inspire your color scheme in the home or coordinate with the palette you have already chosen. You could say, it will let you imagination take flight.

Linda @ Urban Cottage

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