Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sailing into Nautical Design

In the heat of summer, we start to think about cooling off.  Maybe you think about jumping in the lake or going to the beach. There is something casual and relaxed about the beach house. 

You can bring that feeling home with some nods to summer style in your home.  Most people think of the time honored 
rustic tradition when they think of the beach. There is nothing more inviting that something that looks well-loved and time-honored.

However, you can always get something that is nautical and more modern to add that sea-drifted feeling to your home. A sleek aluminum sail boat might be just the right touch.

your lanterns inside as a design element. Although you can place them on a table, hang them for a totally different feel. It will instantly add a dash of nautical. With so many styles of lanterns, you can seamlessly make it part of your décor.


Linda @ Urban Cottage

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