Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quick Lamp Shade Design to Try New Styles

When you have a lamp that needs updating, a simple change is a great new shade. However, the shade can end up being one of the most expensive parts of a lamp.
I decided to do a quick fix to get an affordable white shade and try out some styles without a huge commitment or hit to the pocket book. 

 I got a plain white shade from Ikea (yes, I still shop there even thought I own a decor store).  They were about $8.  In order to jazz it up, I got some of that patterned duct tape from 3m.  There are lots of brands who make it. As a matter of fact, the company Duck does an annual prom dress competition with the stuff  . . .  it's where I got the idea.

First, you are going to apply 6 diagonal strips. Start each strip over the top of the shade to the right of the metal form that holds the shade together. 
Run the tape at approximately a 40 degree angle to the bottom.  After you measure, leave a bit before you cut so you can tuck it under the shade.  
My shade had 3 spokes in the circle at the top, so that is why I picked 3 stripes as a starting point.  It is easier to use something on the shade that is already measured for you.
Next, measure halfway between each tape strip and apply another strip like you did the first.  This should give you a total of 6 strips around the shade.

You could just leave the shade with the stripes, but I wanted to add a bit more interest to it. To do that, I decided to add criss-cross stripes.  To do this. start at one of your current tape strips.  Cover the entire width with you tape, but the angle should be pointed in the opposite direction.

Run the strip to the bottom of the next strip over.  This will give you the exact angle you need.  Repeat this step 5 more times until you have a total of 6 stripes in that direction. That will give you a grand total of 12 on the whole shade.  

Now you have a styling patterned shade.  You may or may not want to live with this shade long term, but what you can start to do is look for something that you can buy.  Once you know you like the design, it is worth the long-term investment to buy something that will last over time.


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