Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Perking Up Dark Storage Furniture

Storage can be a challenge. There is never enough of it and there are so many things to corral - especially in a bathroom. Aside from that, finding bright and interesting storage can be nearly impossible.

This week, I decided to tackle this problem with a great storage basket. My mom picked up this dark brown 3-tier storage basket piece at a flea market. She is pretty sneaking about what she pays for things, but I think she got it for about $10 - 20.

If you would buy a new one at Target or Pier 1, they run about $90 - 120. It is pretty pricey for a small piece where the majority of the construction is sea grass baskets.

I wanted to do something, fun and bright that would feel like a spa in an ordinary white and black bathroom. With the brown handles on the baskets, it was definitely a challenge. I thought about painting the baskets, but wasn't sure how that would turn out.

I thought any paint might wear off over time. The thought if dying them passed through my mind, but I felt the sea grass was going to be resistant Since I didn't have a sample, this was a one shot deal, so 'testing' was a little out of the question.

Instead, I turned the basket around and simply put these adorable light green bird handles on the basket. The screw in the handle was made for a door, so you can put it shorter once you install it. Just get a pair of tin snips and remember to sand down the edge so it isn't sharp at all.

Next, I took out the baskets and gave the wood frame a light sanding. After the sanding, I wiped off the piece with a damp rag and let it dry. Since it was a sunny day, I was careful to make sure it wasn't too hot for the spray paint to adhere to the wood surface. Lots of sunlight makes for quick drying, but also very little time to correct any drips or mistakes.

I choose "Seaside" from my collection of spray paint colors. You might remember I did a makeover on a car planter I did, and used the same color. I have really enjoyed how fun the color is and thought it fulfilled the 'spa' requirement for the project.

A quick coat and some touch ups, and I was in business. When it was dried, I put the baskets with the bird handles back in the frame. I couldn't be happier. This kind of sorry looking set of drawers looks happy and fun. It is really going to pop against the white tiles in the bathroom . . . and I will have extra places to stash my towels and accessories.



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