Thursday, April 24, 2014

Décor gets a British Invasion

Ever since Prince William and Kate got married, we have been seeing more British Influence in design. I am sure that the success of Downton Abbey is a contributing factor to the British pieces of décor as well.
Modern British design is a great combination of contemporary piece with warm, rustic sprinkled in there.  It has a nod to the tradition of wood and time-worn pieces mixed with sleek lines and styles.

As with any trend, you might not want to go whole hog, or maybe I should say Full Monty, but Flaunt your love for our friends across the pond with this charming Union Jack stool.Whether you put it in the den, study, or bedroom, this stool adds a global allure to any space.

The Union Jack is so recognizable and can be found on so many items. Design Sponge even wrote an article about it call Union Jack is the New Black. Heck, even Home Depot wrote about the Union Jack as a design trend. With such classic colors as dark blue, deep red and white, it can be integrated into almost any decor depending on the material of the object.

Not sure you want the Union Jack in your home or you don't want to let your love for all things British stop you there.  Check out the new 
Constable Button necklaces from Smitten. It will add a 'proper' touch to any outfit.

Linda @ Urban Cottage 

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